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Life can be hard....
But what if it doesn't have to be?

Let’s be real. Maneuvering the challenges of responsibilities of work and life is hard! Our parents told us to go to school, get good grades, and get a job… that was the blueprint.

Ummmmm, there’s gotta be some pages missing?
Raise your hand if you’re confused 

That’s exactly how Joy Society’s founder, Dr. Elizabeth Joy, felt years ago. Although a “successful adult,” life was kicking her a$$ as she bounced between efforts to manage and survive relationships, corporate life, financial challenges, and emotional baggage from the past. At wit's end, she set out on a journey to figure out how to be good at life and, indeed, cracked the code. Now she’s on a mission to equip others with the knowledge and skillsets that helped her create a life she absolutely loves.

It's time to bring JOY back to life.


A solution for work AND life...

The Joy Society Community is a virtual space created for professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs who refuse to choose between work and life and success and happiness, who want more success and less stress, and who dare to reimagine a success where they can have it all. Members are given everything they need to do just that.

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... because you are more than what you do.

gps for tru success.png

In the Joy Society Community, we provide members with the GPS for TRU Success. Members have all the tools and information they need to identify what success means and looks life for them, and then take action to create it. Every member gets access to:

  • Success Set-Up workshop

  • TRU Success Assessments (Part 1 & 2)

  • Guided goal setting

  • TRU Success Workbook

  • Live weekly goal achievement coaching

  • Daily 1 win TODAY accountability morning & evening check-ins

  • Quarterly goal progress reviews 

  • Annual goal getters celebration

  • A network of like-minded individuals who are pursuing their version of success

Being caring and kind doesn't mean you have to ignore your own needs and desires.

You're one of the good ones. You've done your very best to do life the right way. That's what makes it so frustrating. You're constantly there for others, and you can't figure out why you aren't getting back what you give to your kids, spouse, job, and community.


Everything you've tried up to this point hasn't worked because, unbeknownst to you; you skipped a step... a very important step. You’ve been pursuing a version of success and happiness that wasn’t your own.  


We're not here to impose a pre-defined notion of success on you; instead, we provide expert guidance that empowers you to determine what success truly means for YOU.

This isn't just another workshop or program; it's a transformative journey that we walk with you, hand in hand. Our expert coaches will be your constant support, ensuring you stay on track and progress toward the life you've always desired. 

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Don't let another day pass you by, searching for someone else's version of success. Join us today and experience the difference – a program that guides you to define your own success and a community that keeps you accountable every step of the way. It's time to start winning and continue your journey toward success all the way to the finish line.

Are you ready to take the leap? Your best life awaits you.

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Your Success...
Your way.

Join us in the Joy Society Community.
Where authenticity meets success.

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